Club Chairman - John Amos

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John is one the original founders of the Have Dice roleplaying club, back in the days when Attacks of Opportunity were merely the stuff of a madman's dreams. The club ran in John's secluded home village of Wimborne St Giles for many years, and the club's move to Poole both amazes and frightens him, as he explores the wonders of the Pelican crossing and the horseless carriages that thunder down the bustling highways.

Club Secretary - Stacey Morris

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Stacey demands our money every week, a thankless but necessary deed.

Game Scheduler - Chris Dieck

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Chris organises everyone into games, a thankless task akin to herding cats. He likes to crash tractors and cut down trees.Chris loves his death metal, but more important to him are his beloved birds and beasts.

Club Treasurer - Duncan Rust

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Duncan banks our money every week, a thankless but necessary deed. Duncan also owns a wide range of medieval and Roman weaponry and armour, though this fact has no connection whatsoever with his money duties.  The sight of a D20 Star Wars rulebook makes Duncan explode with rage, for no apparent reason. It's probably best not to invite him to play in such a game.



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