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Current and Forthcoming Games

The club runs five gaming 'slots' a year January-November; some games are new adventures, some are ongoing campaigns. There is a "Slot 6" in December, which is usually ad-hoc card and board games organised by club members.

Slot 1 2024: 4th January - 29th February

Title: A Pound of Flesh
System: Mothership v1
GM: John Harland

Title: Do Dragons Dream of Eclectic Divinity?
System: RuneQuest Glorantha (the current edition)
GM: Roger Edwards

Title: GODS OF ROCK!!!
System: DnD 5e
GM: Steve Ross

Title: Vaesen - Nordic Horror
System: Year Zero Engine
GM: Chris Hefferin

Title: Reunions, Revels and Risky Business
System: Role Playing in Glorantha
GM: Roger Edwards

Slot 2 2024: 7th March - 25th April

Title: Broken Rooms
System: Momentum System
GM: Chris Dieck

Title: Fallout
System: 2d20 Future Retro Post Apocalyptic Survival
GM: Gareth Llewellyn

Title: 50 Years Since
System: Old-School Essentials, Advanced Fantasy
GM: Roger Edwards

Title: Vanishing Point
System: Vanishing Point
GM: Andrew Hawkins

Slot 3 2024: 2nd May - 27th June


Slot 4 2024: 4th July - 29th August


Slot 5 2024: 5th September - 28th November


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